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Property Styling

What is Property Styling?

A worthwhile investment

Businesses spend millions of pounds every year creating the right image for their products, with dedicated Marketing Teams paying great attention to detail to perfect the look and feel to whatever they are producing to sell.

Have a think about some of the bigger financial investments you as a family or as an individual have made, your home whatever the size has got to be the largest asset you own. So when it comes to selling your property surely it makes perfect sense that you achieve the perfect return for your money.

Over the pond, in the USA, savvy homeowners have known for some time that applying this philosophy to their homes gets them sold. Even on the other side of the world, the Aussies have used Property Styling as an integral part of their Real Estate Service for many years.

A survey of the top real estate agents in LJ Hooker’s Australian network revealed that styling your home could boost the final sale price by between 7.5% and 12.5%. In the same survey, 87% of agents said you would earn a higher price by property styling, while 48% thought styling would lead to an increase in offers.


Here in the UK the penny is finally beginning to also drop and Property Consultants, Estate Agents and homeowners are beginning to realize that by investing a relatively small amount of money on Professional Property Styling and Photography means dropping the price by thousands of pounds for a property not selling,  is not the first go to marketing tool!

An Expert Property Photographer with a wealth of experience can considerably elevate your marketing photos to another level. One of my favourite photographers that I frequently work with, and who consistently produces fantastic results is Miriam Sheridan

Your home is your castle and reflects your personality and loves and personal tastes and rightly so….but the caveat to that is this: in order for perfect strangers to fall in love with a house you are leaving behind, they need to be able to believe it’s the perfect fit for them too.


Property Styling is an art

Where time and thought and creative planning is poured into making any home or commercial space presentable, appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. The theory is simple: potential buyers aren’t just looking for a house: they are looking for a home.  A Professionally Styled home helps a potential buyer imagine your home as their own and increases their willingness to pay for it.

A recent search on the online property portal Rightmove revealed, on their website, that here in the UK, a staged home will sell for 8% more than a non-staged one. On an average UK property worth £220,094, that’s an extra £17,607!

Interior Stylists can not only ensure that your property is “Magazine Ready” both inside and out for the world to see, but also allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living happily there. This decision is made by the potential new home owner in the first 8-11 seconds.

Most home buyers look online before they even consider visiting their local estate agent. So with buyers scrolling through mediocre pictures of thousands of homes, the way your home is showcased and photographed really can make all the difference, to the amount of viewings you have, and the first impression made to them when they walk through the door.  This is why it is so important to choose an Estate Agent that prides itself in using professionally styled photographs to sell your home.

A great example of A Property Consultancy that I work with, and that uses this approach with considerable success is Stowhill Estates. 

Add Value to your Property

Quite simply, potential buyers aren’t just looking for a house: they are looking for a home. A Professionally Styled property massively helps a potential buyer imagine your home as their own and increases their willingness to pay for it.

“Interior Styling- can add significant value to many properties, especially those being sold to first-time buyers,”- says Mark Homer, founding partner of Progressive Property, a property investment education company.

“These buyers don’t always have the inclination to carry out work on a property, and they often want to see a property furnished and staged to get a vision of how the property will look with their possessions in it,” he says. “Many don’t have the money to perform work that is unlikely to be funded by a mortgage.”


Your property is a financial asset

As an Interior Stylist, here are some ways in which I can make a huge difference to selling your home… and at the right price too.

When you decide to sell your home, it’s imperative that you can adjust your mind-set and begin to think about the property as a financial asset – a commodity you’re going to sell to help you move forward and realise your dream of living in a new home.

The good news is that it’s possible to Interior Style your home, and elevate it to a Magazine Cover status, for your Estate Agency Marketing photos, and potential buyers to ‘Wow!’ at! – And it’s a lot more affordable than you may think….

My role as An Interior Stylist involves a varied range of presentation and design techniques that will ensure it will be viewed, looking the best it can be, in a way that appeals to everyone who sees it.

The aim of Property Styling is to let potential future buyers feel and imagine themselves living in their future home, and not just visiting yours.

As a Stylist one of my favourite type of projects to work on is Styling Show Homes - here I get a whole house or two at a time to showcase beautiful newly built properties by giving them a “Dream Interior Makeover” for the viewing public to immerse themselves into, and imagine how amazing it would be to live there.


Property styling has many potential benefits for home sellers, including:

Expert Touches - When I approach each individual property I will have with me carefully chosen accessories, soft furnishings, fresh flowers and lots more besides that will perfectly create an amazing space-and set an appealing scene and gorgeous atmosphere too.

Being a Qualified Interior Designer means that I am fastidious with detail, and know just how to present your home ready for its close up.

Complete an empty home - Selling a property unfurnished can be tricky. Property styling allows you to add warmth and breathe life and character into a space, helping buyers visualise the potential for a welcoming home – Not all future buyers have the capacity to imagine or contemplate how amazing the property could be- hence let me do all that for you so they don’t have too!

Appeal to a target demographic When you elect to employ An interior Stylist like myself,  you can be confident that I will  use my expert knowledge to help you create a look and feel in your property that will appeal to a specific type of buyer, if that is what is required. For example, if you want to attract a young family or maybe a professional couple in their twenties, as a stylist, I can choose furniture and decorative items that are particularly more appealing and aesthetically appropriate to those individuals.

Moreover, I will also take into consideration the location and the period of the property, so that the interiors always display a cohesive narrative, respecting the local environment and maintaining a true reflection of the property’s immediate surroundings- be it countryside rolling hills, riverside cottage or city urban loft.

Attract more potential buyers - We already know that Interior Styling has a positive impact on the people who walk through the door of your property- but first and foremost you need to persuade your potential new home owners that your property is just what they have been looking for.

People browse through hundreds of property listings on-line, having beautiful professional photos of an expertly styled property amongst a sea of mediocre unappealing images is proven to significantly increase the amount of viewings and footfall to your door.

Boost your sale price - Ultimately, the end goal of property styling is to help you sell your home for, or even above, the asking price. Savvy Estate Agencies that I work with can truly appreciate that by investing in Interior styling and photography services, they in turn can offer a more positive and reassuring way of reaching that goal, instead of adopting a less palatable strategy of a price reduction, and retain the commission for their business too.

So contact me now to see how I can help you sell your property!