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Estate Agents….Please Leave The Comfort Of Your Nest!

Hi and welcome to one of many of my ongoing Interior Styling and Lifestyle blogs – where I am here to share my take on the world from a bit of a different angle…Mainly a little quirky, but always showing you how to make the best of everything aesthetic, stylish, and positive with creative ways to enhance your life and business!

Today I’m here to have a little “Cheep” into the ears of the very hard working, stoical bunch of people who are relentless in their opportunity to sell and make a profit for their clients and commission for themselves – Estate Agents.  However, for reasons that will remain a mystery, they continue stick to a default position of persistent marketing, marketing, marketing: dropping the asking price when business is slow and sales are not forthcoming.

This blog is here purely to help show you reluctant, unconvinced property specialists out there, that there is a better way to ensure you can stand out from your competitors, and ensure potential clients will choose you over others, who are still practicing like its 1999!

Before - Uninspiring and plain old fashioned boring!

After -The same room styled and revitalised - what an amazing transformative difference!

Value for Money?...Here's the proof!

So a common first response from most Property Agencies is: “But hiring an Interior Stylist is too expensive and clients just won’t pay the extra…”

The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland - the trade body for 'home stagers' - has released the results of a survey of agents, developers and property managers carried out and published between January and April this year.

The report says that 85% of respondents agreed that a staged home sells up to three times faster than a non-staged property, and 94% of agents and 100% of developers confirmed that home staging increased the number of viewings for a property. 

Before - Few viewings and little interest from potential buyers with these sorts of shots.

After - Wow! What a difference a professionally styled makeover can do to boost viewings and sales!

"With houses currently sitting on the market at an average of 19 weeks, from initial listing to final offer, this is good news for those looking for a speedy sale in a sluggish market" says the association.

All respondents said that home staging makes it easier for buyers to visualise the property as their future home, and 75% claimed that buyers spend more time viewing a home that has been professionally staged.

When comparing similar properties, 38% of respondents stated that home staging increased the offer value by between 1% and 3%, and a further 16% of respondents claimed that staging helped them achieve a 7%-10% increase in offer value.

Before - No second glance, no sale, no chance!

After - Visually impressive...let the buyers' eyes linger and take it all offer may be coming your way!

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